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Model Name: Cindy

Cindy is still learning english but speaks well enough to chat a bit. "I met my husband online so I could live in the USA." When I ask how she found my massage studio..she said it was a wedding gift. Guess he saw my ad for a FREE massage and thought...

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Model Name: Mallory

Mallory saw my add for a FREE massage out side of my massage studio. She said she came in out of curiosity and had a couple hours before she had to be home. She seemed a little sad and told me her boyfriend had just broke up with her. She told him she didn't want to have sex until she was married so he

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Model Name: Brandy

Brandy has just moved to California to pursue her goal of becoming an NBA Cheerleader. She showed up at FuckedHard18 massage studio in her cheer practive outfit - white booty short and knee high socks! When she cught me checking out her ass while she was undressing she just smiled and gave me a little booty bounce.

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